low mass tone arm suggestion sub $1k used

I’m adding another tone arm to my Garrard table. looking for a low mass arm 9" or 10", preferably with out the wires going through the bottom of the arm mount but not critical. I’d like to spend less then $1k used (I may stretch that for a quality used-new arm if a great deal lets say max $2k). This is not for supper critical listening I just want a low mass option for random low mass carts, I may run my older VDH MC 10 on it for example. I have a 12" Jelco 750L as my main arm but I don’t think the Jelco arms are particularly light enough for the low mass carts out there. So any suggestions used or new for that matter would be appreciated.
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When you say low mass cartridges, do you mean high compliance cartridges?
You'll never get a Unitrac for that price. SME Series 2?
Yes for high compliance carts. 

Yeah the magnepan arm's are going for over $3k now according to HighFiShark. If i'm going to spend that much I'll replace the Jelco first. But looks like a nice arm. 

someone else mentions the grace 707 as a possible candidate as well as the SME 3009, just wondering if there is other choices that may be better-different. availability is of course something to consider. also i'd really like to not  bore another 5" hole through the 6" bamboo plinth if I can help it.  To accommodate the wire's but beggars can't be choosers so that's a sacrifice I will make if I have to for the right arm.  

the compliance on the VDH is 20cu vertical and 35cu horizontal. recommended arm mass from 6-12grams but really the higher end is in my experience to heavy i'd like to stay under 10g if possible. Of course this is also to allow future high compliance carts as well. 

 oh one last thing be nice if it had a removable head shell but at lower masses I understand that may not be possible. 
Infinity Black Widow.
This arm has been stellar on my Denon matched with varying high compliance vintage mm carts.
However apart from the light mass it does not really check any of your other boxes I am afraid.