low mass tone arm suggestion sub $1k used

I’m adding another tone arm to my Garrard table. looking for a low mass arm 9" or 10", preferably with out the wires going through the bottom of the arm mount but not critical. I’d like to spend less then $1k used (I may stretch that for a quality used-new arm if a great deal lets say max $2k). This is not for supper critical listening I just want a low mass option for random low mass carts, I may run my older VDH MC 10 on it for example. I have a 12" Jelco 750L as my main arm but I don’t think the Jelco arms are particularly light enough for the low mass carts out there. So any suggestions used or new for that matter would be appreciated.
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When you say low mass cartridges, do you mean high compliance cartridges?
You'll never get a Unitrac for that price. SME Series 2?
Yes for high compliance carts. 

Yeah the magnepan arm's are going for over $3k now according to HighFiShark. If i'm going to spend that much I'll replace the Jelco first. But looks like a nice arm. 

someone else mentions the grace 707 as a possible candidate as well as the SME 3009, just wondering if there is other choices that may be better-different. availability is of course something to consider. also i'd really like to not  bore another 5" hole through the 6" bamboo plinth if I can help it.  To accommodate the wire's but beggars can't be choosers so that's a sacrifice I will make if I have to for the right arm.  

the compliance on the VDH is 20cu vertical and 35cu horizontal. recommended arm mass from 6-12grams but really the higher end is in my experience to heavy i'd like to stay under 10g if possible. Of course this is also to allow future high compliance carts as well. 

 oh one last thing be nice if it had a removable head shell but at lower masses I understand that may not be possible. 
Infinity Black Widow.
This arm has been stellar on my Denon matched with varying high compliance vintage mm carts.
However apart from the light mass it does not really check any of your other boxes I am afraid.
We had a Grace 707 on a Thorens 160 and a Garrard 301. It is a fine sounding arm despite the somewhat flimsy build. Used it with a Linn K9.

Technics EPA-100
Denon DA-401
Luxman TA-1
Victor UA-7045
Sme series 3 but get it rewired with a continuous run eliminating all those joints. 
ADC LMF-2. About the same as an Infinity Black Widow with a removable headshell.
Some other options:
1. Replace main Jelco with the TK-850. Drop-in replacement. It is a substantial improvement soundwise and will elevate your perception of how good your rig is. George Merrill has the best price.
2. Put your 12" 750 Jelco on a pod at back of table behind plinth and using a light wood headshell, try the MC10 on it.
3. As 2 above but use lower compliance cartridges instead like a Decca.
4. Sell 750 and use an off-board pod for other 12" arms.
5. Drill bamboo for low mass 9" arm of your choice.

@glennewdick- Someone may wish they could sell a Maggie arm for three grand. That would be a 1000% mark-up, from their price in 1980.  I’ve got a spare, that I’d love to sell for one third that. The most I’ve seen them bring(on eBay), with all the accessories and box, was around $500.
BTW if you will find an interview with Van Den Hul you will realize that Technics EPA series is his favorite. I think it can be the best for your needs for $1200-1500 (EPA-100 or EPA-500,250)  ? 
Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. time to start looking into them.

I’ve thought about the new Jelco (They do look nice and here in Canada almost $3k) but its still too heavy for the MC 10 or simular, i’ve actually tried the cart on my 750L it works (barely with a light head shell and max damping), sort of defiantly not an ideal or happy match the carts suspension just isn’t up to the task of those heavy arms. I have room for one 12" right side and a 9" or 10" on the back (If the mount was not a huge hole I could fit another 12"). Unfortunate an arm pod would not really work unless I did some major rework of my plinth, the thought has crossed my mind though.

Should also note the MC 10 is a fine cart but its been rebuild once already (By VDH) and probably due again soon so its not the deciding factor in the low mass arm decision just be nice if I could use it there as I will probably get it re-tiped again. reason I’d like to have a removable head shell, but not necessary. Note my MC 10 is one of the originals silver bodied 0.25mv output so much lower output then the current model.

All the years playing records I’ve only ever had 4 or 5 tables and only three arms, longest time wise was a highly modded Rega RB 600 that was on an oracle Delphi ( multiple Mk1’s and a Mk4) sold the Rega with the last Oracle then built the Garrard 301 and put the Jelco on it to get started. think it was an older Denon wood plinth, then a rega planar 3 glass, and multiple oracles for 15 years lol I got stuck on them for a long time still love them but they don’t have what the Garrard has, other then maybe a bit lower noise floor. I like to say the oracle makes you melt in your chair the Garrard makes you get up and dance. I like to dance. ;-)

thanks chakster i’ll have a look for that, another one he did was a two part on you tube were he assembles a cart all filmed through his microscope very interesting.

Glen Newdick
thanks chakster i’ll have a look for that, another one he did was a two part on you tube were he assembles a cart all filmed through his microscope very interesting.

I've checked my notes, saved link to his old interview does not work. Anyway Technics EPA-100 and EPA-500/250 tonearms definitely VdH favorites. I paid for my EPA-100 about $1200 including shipping, it was 5 years ago, probably. Upgraded to the EPA-100 mkII last year (dreams comes true). 
I’m surprised the Mayware arm hasn’t been mentioned. Isn’t it the lowest-mass low-mass arm of all? I have one but never used it, so can’t comment further.
Also, as the Technics hi-end arms have been mentioned — I did use the EPA-500 for awhile, with the lightest armwand. I adored the design, less so the sound. Had some ’golden ear’ friends over — I had it set up alongside an SME 3009/II, playing identical cartridges, and all preferred the SME.
Low mass toneram? Denon DA 401 or Sme 3009 series III these are the first names that come to mind.
+ Analogluvr. Excellent : )

Good old SME series III  w/ a continuous run eliminating all those joints.
Mine has silver path from cart pins to RCAs done by a professional in early 2000´s and haven´t looked back ever since.  
This my ex Luxman TA-1 lighweight tonearm for high compliance cartridges. The armwand is removable like one big headshell. This tonearm made by Micro Seiki and it’s way better than Infinity Black Widow for example. I’ve been using Luxman TA-1 with Stanton SC-100 WOS cartridges exclussively with great result. The arm is very rare, especially with its superheavy tonearm stabilizer.

I must say the Denon DA-401 is also a great quality lightweight tonearm, the only limitation is its headshell which can not be replaced with any conventional headshell. It would be nice to have at least a few shells for DA-401 to swap the cartridges, but i have only one. Luckily the tonearm is NOS in the box. 

 I did use the EPA-500 for awhile, with the lightest armwand. I adored the design, less so the sound. Had some ’golden ear’ friends over — I had it set up alongside an SME 3009/II, playing identical cartridges, and all preferred the SME.  

I've heard that EPA-100 is better than EPA-500. 
The best one and the most expensive is EPA-100 mkII 
I’ve heard that EPA-100 is better than EPA-500

maybe it’s just more versatile and does not need to change the barrels depending on the head.

Bearings and tolerances for mg.are the same for both.
Home project! Make your own Well Tempered style Simplex arm with a carbon fiber wand thru whole golf ball or or Amadeus-style arm with wand thru cap on top of half golf ball. Considered medium mass and handles a slew of different cartridges - add silicon fluid to the pot to control damping as needed. I made mine by hand and 3d printed a good many of the parts with a FlashForge Finder using PLA+ HatchBox filament. I cut brass rod, delrin rod, bent aluminum cut from a thin sheet for finger lift, etc. I made a 9" for my Braun PCS5 idler and a 10.75" for my Neat Shield MO-19 idler. Wires exit out the rear of the base... no drilling the plinth.