Looking for thoughts on Sonus Faber speakers

Looking for a smooth natural midrange and high end...particularly regarding the human voice.  I enjoy detail...but don't like an analytical sound.  I think most tweeters today are fatiguing.   I enjoy the overall presentation of Harbeths...but want more low end.  I have had one audition of the Sonetto V's and was impressed...but what else might I consider?  


Greg S.


It sounds like Sonus Faber are the perfect fit for you. Once I turned from being infatuated with planar speakers for over thirty years and wanted more realistic, balanced speakers I got SF. First, Cremona, then Olympica 3, and now Amati Traditional. I can't speak too highly of them. 

I agree with @soundwatts try and find a set of used Olympica 3. Their performance will be up another level.


On the other hand, I had purchased the Cremona as experiment... which was very short lived. Nearly as soon as I had them in my house I knew Sonus Faber was what I was looking for and I immediately ordered the Olympica 3... of which the first shipment was on a ship steaming towards th US at that time. So if you buy from a dealer like me, he will apply all the cost of the first pair towards an upgrade for a year or so. Couple be a good gateway. Each level in SF nets significant sound quality improvement.




I’ve owned 3 different Sonus faber series

- Venere 3.0

- Sonetto V

- Olympic Nova V

I think there are excellent speakers for $5k and at that price I really like the Sonetto V.  I don't think you'd regret the decision.  I prefer the walnut veneer but I likely am biased

Thank you all for the advice.  Much appreciated. Any thoughts on how KEF

R7 and R11 will compare?   I will be auditioning them this weekend. I have a feeling 

I'll end up with Sonus Fabers. But I want to give them a listen. 

the kef r series will have a more overtly forward treble presentation, and a relatively 'sucked back' midrange than the upper s-f's -- not sure how bass will compare, that depends alot on setup and room interaction

Would agree with jjss49's assessment. Auditioned (among others) the R7's and liked them but chose the Sonetto III's due largely to my preference for the SF's perceived less forward treble. I run them with a pair of subs and love them. Next upgrade will likely stay in the SF family. Good luck!