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Resistor replacement Wilson Sophia (original)...
These are only protective resistors...not part of the crossover.  Simply designed to keep one from damaging the drivers. Wilson offers these replacements for all their speakers and recommends the replacement based essentially on age.  
Thoughts and Advice regarding Sonus Faber speakers
Thanks for your thoughts...much appreciated.  I like the idea of Olympica 3's...I'm just not sure even on the used market I can find them in my budget...but it's worth a try.  I'm still talking to my nearest dealer about the I guess ... 
Looking for thoughts on Sonus Faber speakers
Well I've auditioned the KEF R11's and they were pretty impressive. Not bright. Big soundstage.  An enjoyable listen.  But I'm returning to my Sonus Faber dealer for another listening session. In the end I think the Sonetto V will win the day.  On... 
Looking for thoughts on Sonus Faber speakers
Thank you all for the advice.  Much appreciated. Any thoughts on how KEF R7 and R11 will compare?   I will be auditioning them this weekend. I have a feeling  I'll end up with Sonus Fabers. But I want to give them a listen.