Looking for recommendation for H/T preamp/pros.

Does anyone have a an opinion on, or experience with, the B&K Ref. 20, Acurus ACT W/ABM, or the Chiro combo of C800/C5.1. Primary use will be for the home theater application. Just wondering whether anyone thinks one stands out significantly over the other.....plus any other helpful info.
in the "other" department...
The EAD Theatermaster pre/proc I was told did a much better job sonically than some of the other less expensive product such as the above. No experience personally, but the source of this info. is quite reputable.
Of the above, the Act 3, then The chiro(second by a narrower margin to the act 3 than 2nd is to 3rd)), then the B&K Ref 20 is last. I've experience with all of them.
Good luck