Looking for DAC for mac min 2000$

Looking for nice DAC for mac min
but also to use it for my CEC transport for CDs.

Not sure for the best digital configuration
if it's firewire or asyn USB or i should care for it and use some usb --> spdif convertor .
How about the bryston BDA1? I use one with my Mac mini and it sounds and works great and is the best sounding DAC I have used so far. I run from my mini via USB to a bel canto USB link then into a RCA input on the BDA1. There are plenty of inputs, I have my DVD player and satellite receiver hooked up to it as well.
If you buy an Antelope Audio Zodiac you can use its volume control as a preamp as well. Plus, its a great sounding DAC with a lot of options for inputs and outputs. The Zodiac + has an analog input as well and is available used for $2000.
im selling an M2 Tech on Ebay, i cant post link here but you can search for M2 Tech or my username pearlcfam.
if you've considered using firewire, you should absolutely checkout the Weiss DAC2. Used price is right in your wheelhouse.