Looking for AVR alternative to my B&K for my JM's

I'm currently researching "big" receivers, and I'm not at all happy with my current B&K. I'll be looking to dump my 307 off as soon as I can find a satisfactory replacement. Please note that the reason I want to loose my B&K is not for the stereo music quality, it's the way I listen to movies and Cable TV.
First I'm going to list my equipment/config, and then I'll list what I'm looking for.

B&K 307 7.1
JM Lab Cobalts: 815, Center, Sub and rear SR's
Sony 400 Disc changer linked via optic
Motorola Digital cable box from Comcast.

No matter what I watch, DVD or TV, the processing of the theatre sound, DTS, THX whatever. It just doesn't sound that great. I contacted B&K today to see if they have a newer 507 in the works that will have HDMI ports, nothing.

Obviously I'm willing to spend $2k or even more for the best current (and future) sound quality. Again, I cannot say enough about the amazing music quality! It's like an orgasm sitting in that sweat spot with some Miles Davis going or other good music. The best part about B&K is that the sound is so damn full without being loud. My JM Lab's are just amazingly bright, so I can't just pick any receiver for these speakers. The B&K almost has a tube-like warmth that really tames down and balances the brightness of the JM's.

That said, I think that what I'd like in a receiver is superior music quality, no less than what I have already but also one that will perform beautifully in the HT arena. Maybe even handle the HD True audio and HDMI technology that is emerging this year. I am really spoiled for music now, and just want to get something that will do my future 1080 HD justice, maybe a PS3 to boot.

Any ideas? Taking my speakers to the store to listen is probably not an option since I might like to get something online and save a half a grand, obviously.

It is very odd that you are happy with music, but not-HT. Most folks around here seem to be in the opposite camp. They typically like the HT sound from their setups, but strive for improved music performance. That said, I'm guessing you have a setup issue with the B&K. I previously owned a B&K AVR-202 (predecessor to the 305/307) on 2 different occassions and I always had issues with the ergonomics and setup. I've owned lots of different HT receivers, and the B&K was the only one that caused me any difficulty in setup. I think it was simply a different philosophy from other units I've owned and it wasn't intuitive to me because of my preconceptions based on experience with other receivers.

So, are you confident that the B&K setup is correct? If not, call/e-mail B&K Tech support. They may be able to step you through it.

If you are confident that the setup is good, but you just don't like the HT performance of the B&K, it may cost you a lot of money to improve on it. I think you may find that an effort to improve HT performance may result in a loss of music performance. I don't have any experience with higher level HT receivers, so I can't make a recommendation, however, based on post I've read around here, you may need to go to HT seperates (pre-amp/processor, multi-channel power amp) to better the sound you're currently getting.

Check out the Yamaha RX-V2700. I've seen one of the dealers here (American Home Theater?) carry them at decent discounts. Disclaimer: I have NO affiliation with them at all.
Good Listening!
The B&K is one of the best sounding receivers you will find.I will gather to say check your set up menu as there are infinit ways to set it up.As for passing a 1080p signal and the new hd audio formats,I don't think none are out yet.Better to wait a spell.
Interesting to hear your initial comments about the B&K. I recently purchased the B&K 507 S2 just for its sound quality. Mind you, I had gone from a decent Stereo only system (Audio Research/Golden Tube Audio/Cal Audio/EAD/Thorens/Martin Logans) to a Dennon HT system. I did in home tests of several of the Denon systems and thouht the HT sounded good enough (truth is I am not very educated with HT), but hated the stereo reproduction (since I am forced to have one system in one dedicated room), this was not acceptable to me. FYI, the only way I can convince my wife of the designated room is if it also houses HT.

So after buying the 50" plasma and more speakers, I ended up with the B&K. Is it as good as some of the top end stuff on HT? I really don't know, but hate to say that this is the least of my concerns.

But it is AWESOME IN STEREO. I like it as much as my old stuff (still use the Golden Tube for my zone 2 amp). Speakers are all Totems (Arros, Hawks, Mite T for rears and Mite T-Center)

FYI, I did find that using too many of the processing features (notch filters, etc. . .) in some cases resulted in a sound I didn't like as much.

I would never run a video signal through a receiver regardless. Go direct from the DVD to the TV, Cable to the TV, Satellite to the TV. Of course my TV seems to have plenty of inputs.

Play around more with your HT set-up as the others suggested, I like mine in HT, but again, I only have the Denon 3800 Series to compare it to for HT.

interesting that you find the b&k, laid back, to me (and i love b&k had the 507) i thought it was more on the bright side. The 507 is a really really good unit, it will be hard to find something that will suit your needs in both ht and stero aspect with out going sepr.You might want to look at mcintosh, I like i said had the 507 but growing up with mcintosh I grew to love their sound so i was always going back, I leaned to the mht200 and im driving dali helicons with it. YOu can also check out the mc 206 and 135 its a great unit,(seps) Just my two cents.
1st. I have always found B & K pretty good at HT.

B. The last time a gave a long listen to a B & K setup (30 and 7250) I found the sound warm and cozy. (on N804's)

3rd. I agree with the above posters that B & K's "2 channel" leaves a little to be desired.

D. My experience would lead me to state, no other reciever may be significantly better at HT. I am not saying that one/some wont be different and quite possibly better suited to your desires.

5th. You really should demo the units. You are unique. You know exactly where you want inprovement and I would bet you know the specifics of what you want improved. An in home demo can get you exactly what you want. Period.

And lastly. My top picks for Receivers... Lexicon Rv8, Arcam AVR350, Sunfire Ultimate, and the B & K 507. Arcam tops for 2 channel. Lex tops for HT (but costs a bundle, of which said bundle, may be better served buying seperates!).
distortion, how can you list sunfire and ultimate over the b&k 507? I would stay away from sunfire imo over rated. You might want to check out some krell and like i said if your willing to spend money go with mcintosh, you really cant go wrong with any of their prods. like i siad, i run my dalis with the mc mht200 , mc2500, and krell 200 once again, just my opin.
I didnt rate rate them. I just listed my top picks overall and specified top picks for 2 channel and HT.
Reply to B&K 507 being overly bright! Since I run my B&K in stereo mode via a tubed DAC and always in direct (vs. a processor based output), I think this reduces the mids and upper brightness to some degree, and my Arros are moderately bright. I have since, based on these postings, ran my B&K 507 in stereo mode via my CD player and with my REL subs turned off. My Totem Arros run in this manner, were definately brighter than when I run them via the direct setting on the B&K input in analog via the tubed DAC (CAL Alpha) with two REL Q108 subs to provide some bottom end support (I am not a big bass nut, just want a little support). With this, I am pleased with the B&K in stereo mode.