Looking for anyone having experience with PNF IC's

Has anyone tried the low cost PNF ICON balanced IC's?
From a cost standpoint, these are relatively inexpensive cables. Are these IC's a diamond in the ruff, or, based on personal experience, something that may prove to be a dissapointment?

Thanks for your candid feedback.

Here is a link to a recent customer review on Audio Asylum.


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I, too, woulod be interested in any users of PNF i/c's and s/c's, as I have tried Audio Art, Morrow, Ant-Cables, Signal and Mas Hybrid. This price range seems very competitive and, aside from the one user referenced by Steve of PNF, have not heard any comments from users.
Here is another review from a different user on Audio Asylum


Dear Springbok10,
I have a pair of balanced PNF IC's .5m. I am using them on a cambridge Azure 840C, which has both balanced and single ended outputs. I connected the PNF balanced and a pair of Kimber Silver Streak to the CD player and found the PNF to sound smoother and warmer in the upper frequencies, yet without loosing resolution. The mids seemed good, at the bottom they were about the same as the Kimber, maybe just a bit less extension. The PNF cables did through a wider and deeper sound-stage than the Kimbers. Right now I'm looking to invest in new speaker cables and am considering PNF again. However, I would be most interested in hearing your thoughts on the Ant-Cables.

Thanks, interested in your response.
Try antipodes katipo USD190/m including shipping. First class construction.I have IC which is 10-20x more expensive but I find the eichmann connector really gripe the RCA real tight
The only responses I have received are from the supplier of the PNF Audio IC's. Has anyone else out there (other than PNF and their links) experienced either their IC's or speaker cables.

My PNF speaker cables arrived today and are plugged in. I will keep you posted as they burn in. I found the anti-cables a little too strident for my tastes.
Dear Springbok10,

After some burn-in time, how do you like the PNF speaker cables now? Currently, I'm trying some Morrow SP3 (their top of the line) cables. They require a great deal of burn-in time, but so far, I'm quite impressed. It would be interesting to hear from someone who has experienced both of these manufactures and their opinions.

Both the Morrow SP3s and PNF are highly impressive. Can't choose between them yet, but certainly the PNFs sound very promising after only a few dozen hours. Smooth highs and very tight bass. Waiting for the midrange to open up. Will keep you posted.
Hi, I recently installed these cables in my system, which is a very highly resolving system from the mind of Borbely audio. I must say the PNF cables are certainly the best I've had to date. I was using some Pure note silver cables,which were quite good, But these have taken the system to a new level. The sound stage has opened up and the bass is phenomenal, tight and articulated.The highs are accurate and extremely open without being bright.I cannot imagine getting this kind of quality for this very reasonable price. I plan to get another set for my home theater rig. I highly recommend you check these cables out, You will be beyond pleased!!
K Turner
The imaging is now precise and the soundstage opening. Better and better each time!
I am using PNF ICON and MAC Mystics ICs and PNF Symphony speaker cables. I find the ICON throws a huge and deep sound stage with a lovely tonal balance. Smooth, slightly on the warm side (at least compared to silver), open, and airy. However, the presentation is a little too recessed in my system and the airy quality takes away some of the richness I enjoy. The singer is way back there and gets trumped by instrumentals. MACs are very smooth, rich, and luscious sound, but rather compressed presentation. So in the end, PNF from source to preamp and MAC from pre to power amp ended up working superbly for me.