Looking for advice on 2 Channel system

Hi, I have decided to leave the Home threater where it is and have a room for 2 channel only. I Would appreciate recommandations for speakers and pre-amp. I would like to use the BAT VK500 amp I already have. Room size is 20 X 14' and budget for speakers (that can be bi-amped in the future) and pre-amp is around $10,000 for used equipment. Listen to rock, jazz, classical in that order. There are some great looking speakers on Audigon and pre-amps I just don't know which to choose and can't audition many.
I'd recommend Dunlavy IV/A speakers and balanced audio technology VK-5i preamp or 50se preamp.
I have Vandersteen 5s with built in subs in a 14 X 22 listening room and they're great-- incredible bass articulation and power. They occasionally show up here on A'Gon in the $7-8K range. Along with a good tubed pre-amp, you could have a dyno-supreme sounding system. I use an SF Line 2 SE, but I bet a BAT would work well with your amp. Good Luck. Craig
I agree with the BAT VK-5i or 50se preamp. For speakers, I'd suggest giving the Vienna Acoustic Mahlers a listen. I also would check out the Aerial 10T's.

I hear so many good things abount the Adcom GFP-750, and it also has a very modest price tag. As far as speakers go, Magnepans, JM Lab or if you feel like trying something different, try http://tyleracoustics.home.mindspring.com/

With a $10000 budget, I bet you'll have a sweet sounding system. Spend a little on a balanced line conditioner for best performance.
As above, staying with BAT for a preamp sounds like a good idea. For speakers I would highly recommend the Infinity Prelude MTSs. Top to bottom, they are the most neutral, well rounded speaker I have heard near their price. They offer a built in sub system that easily lets you optimize bass (in your room!) that extends down to an honest 20Hz. They integrate seamlessly to the upper range drivers, which are ‘panel like’ in speed and imaging (and they ain‘t bad looking either). I also own a pair of Apogee Mini Grands. While they can play jazz and classical phenomenally well, they really can’t play rock to the same standard. That’s why I love the Prelude MTSs, they really can do it all. Something to consider since you …< Listen to rock, jazz, classical in that order>.

Have fun...IMHO two channel, done right, is the way to go.
If you sell the VK-500, that would give you a $12,500 budget.

For that amount you could purchase the following used items:

McCormack DNA-2 Rev A amp at $4200. Far superior sonically when compared to the VK-500 (I used to own a VK-500 and now own a DNA-2 LAE).

Aerial Acoustic Model 10T speakers at $4000 in a nice rosewood finish. Excellent full rang speaker.

Placette active preamp at $4000.

For those three items, you're looking at about $20k retail and $12,200 used. And assuming you have a good source cd or lp player, you'd have a system with transparency and detail and dynamics where you'd pull out every old lp and cd to hear them in a way you'd never thought possible.