Looking for a tube preamp that is 1700 or less.

Need help on looking for a good tube preamp that is under $1700.00. The tube preamp must have xlr balanced input and output for my dac, sacd player and my amp. So far i was looking into the Sonic Frontiers Line 2 and it almost have everything i need but i am open into other tube preamp. Can someone help me out with some suggestion. I have too many solid state and i want to move into some tubes. I also want full balanced.

My current system:
Martin Logan Ascent (Speakers)
Musical Fidelity A3cr (Preamp)
Pass Lab X-250 (Amp)
Denon DP-S1 (CD Transport)
Marantz SA-14 (SACD)
Classe DAC-1 (D/A)
Hi Tony; I have used the SF Line 2 for almost 3 years now and can highly recommend it. But if you'te looking for a sort of euphonic "classic tube sound", the Line 2 probably isn't it. If you haven't read the Stereophile review on the Line 2, I'd recommend it as I considered it to be "right on". It is neutral/accurate, very smooth, and holographic, but not euphonic. Features of the Line 2 are excellent as you note. Sonically, I don't know that the Line 2 would be an improvement over your A3cr. You have some nice components, and it seems to me that you're at a point where you're just going to have to audition (in home) to find the "sound" you want. Good Luck. Craig
Audible Illusions M3a (used)
Aronov LS-9000, You can fi nd it used under $1000, which is a steal.
BAT Vk3i would be well within your budget and would definitely give you the classic tube sound. You may be able to pick up a VK5i for just over $1,700. Both are fully balanced, I believe. If you can stretch your budget a little, the Sonic Frontiers Line 3 is a great unit - it's very transparent and neutral though and may not give you the classic tube warmth that you may be looking for. Good luck.
Listen to a Rogue 99,the SF Line 2 is also a good choice.Dont buy anything you cant Audition in your own set up.
Used Blue Circle BC3 Despina.
Natalie. Does the Rogue 99 have balanced in/out's? They don't mention that in the spec's at their website.
No balanced inputs or outputs on the Rogue.All single ended.My one gripe with them.Other than that they make an excellent product,very well constructed,and care for detail that some of the more expensive pieces should take note of.Performance of the Magnum series is excellent.You really cannot go wrong with this company.
The conrad-johnson PV10B is an excellent choice around or below your price range, and you even get a tube phono stage with it!
Hi Tony,
If you can find an Audio Research LS15 you will have achieved audio nirvana. Balanced outputs, direct out balanced. Incredibly smooth, fluid, detailed, with tremendous imaging and soundstage. The sound is very inviting. I sit at my computer a couple of hours during the day with the music as a background, and after a few minutes I have to stop and sit in my sweet spot to listen. I listen primarily to Jazz. This unit is made for guitars, violins, pianos, voices, especially female voices. Smooth buttery sounding voices. Diana Krall comes into your living room and sings right in front of you and you swear that you can touch her. I have been in pursuit of a tube pre-amp for quite some time. I found this unit in a pawn shop for $600!! It retails for 3K new, but I have seen them on line for just shy of 1k.
It has a nick on one of the handles and it have to order the remote, but when you listen to it, you have to smile! Music done right. I also have a Jeff Rowland Consonance which sounds pretty close but just doesn't have the smoothness.