Looking for a sub to compliment a 2 channel system

I could use a suggestion or two for a powered subwoofer to compliment a pair of NHT SB-3 speakers. Preferably in the $400ish price range. I dont need something very loud, but deep is a must as the SB-3s already go down to 40 Hz and there isnt much point in a getting a sub that only hits 10 Hz lower. I listen to most anything, Jazz, Metal, rock, some Vivaldi here and there even. Flexible placement is also a must because, quite frankly i dont have alot of room or convienent corners to work with.
Thanks, -Dan-
There is little in the $400 price range that is going to cause a marked improvement. Cheap subs do more things wrong than they do right. If you can pick up a Martin Logan Grotto or Dynamo you should be able to incorpotae it into the system well. The new NHT subs are not very good. THe older Sub2i was great as was the Sub2. Some of the Velodynes are a big bang for the buck. If you have a symetrical set-up stereo subs would be a nice thing to work towards.

Good luck!
In that price range look at the Hsu Research subs.



After much research, I recently bought a powered subwoofer by SVS. The sub is incredibaly good, especially for the money. I purchaced the 16-46PCi directly from SVS - it comes with a 350 watt BASH digital amp and goes down to 16Hz. I am using it with my 2-channel AV system that incorporates Gallo A'Diva Ti speakers. The 16-46PCi is $650.00 - a bit more than you want to spend, but it is worth every cent. Also, it may be physically larger than you prefer, but smaller models are available...check them out.


I have simular musical tastes, a little bit of everthing. I agree that you'll end up spending more than you want, but if you don't you won't be happy with what you end up with. I employ a velodyne to round out my THIELS, and have been very pleased with the results. You'll end up gaining about 15-20 HZ. And it doesn't take up much room.
You should look at the Onix Rocket UFW-10. It is a little bit more, but it is the real deal. It wouldn't be my first choice for HT applications. But for music it is very quick and articulate. I get response into the mid-20s, but not much below that. Another nice thing is the one band parametric eq that is very helpful at taming any peaks you might have, especially at or near the xover point.