Looking for a remote for a MHZS CD 33e

I have tried a number of the on line sellers of this equipment but cannot find just a remote. Does anyone know if Pacific Valve provides support for these players. I ask because they now appear to only be selling Doge.

You can just buy a universal remote. If you don't know what brand of transport is in the CD player, try different codes until you get one that works.
According to the Logitech Harmony remote database all their universal remotes support the MHZS 33.

Buy one of their remotes, connect it a USB port on your computer and download the remote codes directly to the remote.
Thanks. I may try a universal but I was looking for an OEM remote because according to what I read on that remote you can select the sampling rate. So while a universal may handle on/off, play etc, I am not sure it will perform this more specialized task.