Looking for a krell preamp

My budget is $1000 and some used krell preamps that I can think of e.g. KCR-2, KSP-7b, HTS 5.0 etc. Can anyone give me a suggestion? I like punching sound though! Thanks!!
In your range, take a look at used KBL's and KSL's (KBL being the significantly better of the two)

Why do you have your heart set on Krell's over the other possible candidates? No judgement here....just curious.

Check this out: http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?preatran&1227412781&/Krell-KRC-3-Preamplifier

I had a Krell KRC-3 for ten years, it's still a classic in the audio world.
IMO ..I wouldnt limit my list to Krell ,there are several used pre amps in your price range that out perform in every respect including "punch"..Try another post and include the system you are matching with..The great people here will be able to give better advise im sure
I owned a KRC2 that performed really well. Beautiful piece of equipment, quiet as a church mouse, reliable as a brick & stunning performance. I recently sold it here on Agon only to change to a new KCT which matches my FPB-X amp. Otherwise I never would have sold.
Good luck & have fun, John
Thank you for all inputs. Basically, I am not restricted myself to choose Krell preamp. It just happens that I have a Krell poweramp (KSA-80b). Right now, I am using Accuphase preamp C230. However, I still want to get another preamp that can reproduce harder slam and punch sound. Any suggestions? Thanks!
I think you will be disapointed if you purchase a krell as krells don't really have much of a sonic signature. I presently own a krc2 and can tell you that it imparts very little to the recording. If you have a good recording a krell will reproduce it fairly faithfully. On the same note if you use a lousy recording the krell can be brutal. You may consider upgrading whatever source your using first.