Looking for a high end integrated to suit Dynaudio contour 5.4's

Hi All

I am looking to move to an integrated amp to drive my Contours.  Dyns look to respond well to amps that are high current as I have had a Griffen Diablo connected into my system and there was a massive difference in the performance of my Dyns.  While I would love a Griffen its pricey so I am looking for an alternative.  At this stage I have been considering a Pass Labs INT-250, Audia Flight FLS-10, Vitus R-101 and Griffen Diablo 300.

Does anyone out there have any of these speaker/amplifier combinations or other suggestions around amplification for the Contours?


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Thanks for the info melbguyone, I too am in Melbourne Australia.
Thanks melbguyone.  If only you could listen to gear of this quality in your own config before buying :-)
I'm also in Melbourne, if its allowed in the forum could I ask where you go to audition gear?

Thanks Caphill. The new Luxman L-509x looks very nice.
I know the accuphase are extremely well made gear, just wish it came in something other than gold...yeh yeh I know very superficial of me but hey I will need to look at for a long time :-)
Thanks to all for the responses,  my preference would be solid state amp and integration into home theatre the ideal.  No dedicated room for me unfortunately.  My main reason for opening the thread was to find an Amp that audiogon members had paired with Dyns and have seen them to have synergy.
Thanks corks67,  more food for thought and further research required.

@caphill I have a PS Audio DirectStream Junior as my source so no DAC required at this point in time.

As to budget I'd prefer not to say but the price of the Audia Flight FLS-10 is probably already to high for me. 

Was hoping some Dyn owners may be able to make some suggestions on amplification they had used that they like combining with the Dyns.
Thanks heaps  @dpac996 that's certainly a list of gear you have worked through. I'll definitely be having a listen to Bryston given your recommendation. 

Have been looking at the Brystons, thats a warranty literally unheard of in this day and age of "chuck it away"!!
@jackd The trilogy is a nice looking Amp, have you tried it in concjunction with Dyn speakers?
Haha, Yep, its quite a list! Thanks to all audiogon'ers for the input.  Time to get the dart board out and start throwing.

Haha yeh. I guess in a global community all languages are welcome. 
Google translated @nadimjaber"Hello, I have 5.4 for many years and I have tried several amplifiers from the Classe M600, the Plinius Reference, VTL 450 signature, Butler TDB 2250 (mono bridge), and now I amplify them with the monophonic Wyred4sound 1000R, and from my point View are the ones that best fit my Dyns for several reasons: 1. By power, more than one thousand watts at 4 ohms. 2. Total control of the box. 3. Small, low consumption, all day running. Music all you want without having to worry about the consumption or heat generated by an amplifier. 4. Good sound regardless of whether it is classical, jazz, rock, or indie. 5. Perfect for home cinema, since consumption is low. In the previous one I have a Plinius Tautoro, easy to pass to HT with the touch of a button. All wiring with Neotech 1001. box and interconnection."
Today I auditioned the Pass Labs INT-250, Luman L-509X, Accuphase E-470 with Dyn C2's and the Audia Flight FLS-10 Vitus R-100 with marten mingus quintets.

My personal view

The Luxman, beautiful mids and highs, loads of detail and texture, very chilled feel to listen to. Fantastic sound stage, placement of instruments, artists etc. Was missing a little of the low end I like.

The Pass Labs, nice soundstage, not has textured as the Luxman and a more rounded sound.  Bottom end wise there was no comparison.  This amp had control of the speakers from a bass perspective.  Possibly a little to much for my liking.

This is where things got interesting. After listening to the Luxman and the Pass Labs I commented how a blend of these 2 amps would be just right.  The consensus was to give the Accuphase a go.  With in 15 seconds of listening to the first track I knew this Amp had something I liked.  It had the vocals, the detail, the texture and control over the bass and bottom end that I liked.  Talk about Goldilocks and the three bears.

Unfortunately for the Audia Flight FLS-10 and the Vitus R100 I was unable to pair them with Dyns.  It was very difficult to do an Apples to Apples comparison.  The Audia Flight FLS-10 I could see certainly had potential, the Vitus was a bit on the dark and heavy side depending on the track being played.  Both had very natural vocals and you could tell the Audia Flight was waiting for you to throw something at it that would load it up.

I may be having to bite my tongue and swallow my pride on the gold Accuphase look as it was an awesome sounding Amp.  Certainly hit all the right notes to my ears and music tastes anyway.

Thought I'd share my day trying out Amps given all the help Audigon'ers have been so far.
'nother translation required...

Hello everyone, the sound Plinius (Tautoro + Reference SA) with the 5.4 is very good, the sound scene is impressive, both lateral and in depth. The serious one is dynamic with a lot of body and control. The bad thing is the high price of the amplification and if you want the maximum enjoyment you have to select class A, which implies a large consumption expenditure. The heat generated by the amplification is another factor if you live in hot areas, since it generates the same as a stove. I live in the Canary Islands (good weather almost all year round), and the cost of the electric bill made me change my opinion in favor of class D, and as for the small difference with respect to the superior sound of the Plinius it is compensated Clearly for the low consumption and not generate heat Wyred, and especially because the Wyred allows you to enjoy music 24 hours a day seven days a week, something that with the Reference SA you have to think twice about the consumption. If you are worried about what you spend on gas, your car will not buy a Ferrari, especially if you like to make long trips with the car and go over the speed limit.