Looking for a good Tech near Princeton, NJ

I have an amplifier in need of repair. Looking for a shop within a 25 mile radius with experienced, high skilled Tech/Techs dedicated to Audio...guys that can fix or restore just about anything, whatever is required...and are honest and fair. Appreciate any advice that you can provide to help out.
A little beyond your radius, Bob Backert in Churchill PA is well trusted and highly respected by many members of the Philadelphia Area Audio Group. Bob is a wizard with tube gear, particularly. His phone numer is 215-355-0529
Second for Bob Backert and he's a little over half an hour's drive from Princeton.

He does truly quality work.
Hmm, I'm in the same general area and may need some work on SS gear. Does anyone know how Bob does on things like transports, etc?
Thanks, Bob Backert is on the job...a very impressive man...appreciate your taking the time out to help.
Tonyptony, I think Bob's strengths are in electronics, ss or tube, but not transports. Nevertheless, call and talk to him about your need. He'll tell you if he's not the best person for the work you need to have done, and he may have an alternate recommendation for you.

Bob specializes in preamps and poweramps, not sources. While he focuses on tubes, he can do great work on SS.

His mods are incredible, truly the best work I've ever heard.

Mcpody, I work in Trenton and live out near Bob's. Drop me a line if you need directions to his place. It's very easy.
Already have dropped off the amp for work...thanks for asking.