Looking for a balanced upsampling DAC under 1k

I'm looking for something that's slightly warm from neutral. (NOT the Benchmark DAC1) It needs to have balanced XLR outputs.)
An upsampling DAC at that price will not be as involving as a NOS DAC. Vary artificial sounding. No immediacy.
Wyred4Sound Dac1 is all you need(unless you need USB)
Or, a PS Audio DL III; only does 44/16bit on usb however. Toslink-in sounds excellent using my Macbook Pro as source and the Toslink will do 96/24 bit files.
Or, the Cambridge Audio DAC-Magic +?
I assume there was some sort of technical glitch with your original thread so here is a “working” link to the extensive discussion of the Yulong D-18. To reiterate, it uses the 32-bit Sabre ES9018 chip, is fully balanced, has a slightly warm sound (unlike the Benchmark) and has been receiving some very positive reviews.
There are 2 I've considered: the Mapleshade-modified DACMagic - it's inherently the same output stage as the Cambridge 840C ($1600) player, but with a top-flight power supply and AC cord. It's $800 and can be had with a USB package if you need it for $950. The other one is one I own: a Ric Schultz-modified Behringer DEQ-2496. Ric does a lot better job at modifying than anyone, but the crazy part is that he does it cheaper than anyone else...! The DEQ goes for about $300 or less, new and Ric can mod for about $325 or so (a bit more if you want a new A-to-D input stage so that you can use more than one source) and Ric converts it to truly balanced mode, which is the way I use it. The built-in 10-band p/ch parametric EQ will flat blow your freakin mind...just be sure to confirm BEFORE you order that you're getting a 2.1 version firmware or later - earlier versions (1.1-1.4) were prone to failure (they seem to have fixed this though).