Help with Philips 963sa upsampling?

Hey all,

I just got a new Philips 963sa and can't get it to play in the "upsample"!!!! :-)

I've tried it through both the analog outputs AND the L & R on the 6-channel outputs. It plays through both with the upsampling OFF. But when I toggle the audio button, and it indicates that it's upsampling, I get ZILCH!

And I called Philips Help and they said they'd be back to me in 24 to 48 hours.

So....HELP please? Does anyone know the trick? There's gotta be one as I'm no newbie to this stuff and usually.....well......sometimes......OK.....sometimes "smarter than the average bear" on figuring it out! :-)


Thanks and happy listening!
I don't remember for sure, but have you tried to go to menu and select "upsample" option? Regards.
Have 'Audio Direct' on player 'on', I believe upsample 192Khz is default, toggling 'audio' on the remote shifts from 192k to 96k.
This will only happen on regular 'redbook' CD's, not SACD.
It sounds like the player is defective.
You wouldn't happen to be using the 2 separate L/R RCA analog outputs, would you?

They are only intended to be connected to a TV, not a quality audio system. You MUST use the 6-channel outputs to get good sound quality and some of this player's advanced features, even if you only intend to connect the front L/R mains.
Hey....thanks everybody for your comments and also to those that eMailed me back.

The problem was that it's a DEFECTIVE player.
I bought a 2nd one for a friend, so I opened that puppy and it played and upsampled fine!

Thanks again for your help and comments and also to Bhouser for that last tip. I didn't realize that, but what you say is shown in the manual. Those inputs are for a TV.

FYI - I did notice an improvement by engaging the "audio direct" button on the front of the panel. According to the manual, doing that turns the video circuitry off "to obtain better audio quality".

Thanks again all and happy listening!