Looking at a used pair of B&W 803's - what else should I be considering?

Title says it all any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
Salk Sound with trounce these easily - perhaps the Supercharged Songtowers might be in that price range.
Currently own a PS Audio Stellar DAC and S300. Just took early delivery of them 2 days ago. I'm enjoying them immensely. I work in audio production and I've used so many ADC and DAC units I've lost count. The PS Stellar DAC certainly sounds better than a couple pro units I've got in the studio, but this little amp is really really fun. 140wpc into 8 ohms. I believe it's a class D circuit (like every other active monitor I've every used in a pro studio) and it seems to have so much control.

The idea of a set 803's were to satisfy three uses: 1) act as casual listening speakers in our living room, which is a big space. 2) playback audio for TV and movies and 3) be a third set of speakers to reference mixes on. I don't mind bumping the amps to satisfy a hungry speaker, I just assumed there must be lots out there for 5k and I'm totally out of the loop on HiFi gear these days.  

**By reference I don't mean reference in the audiophile sense but in the production sense. Simply put it's how the end user will perhaps listen. This includes apple ear buds (don't laugh we do it).