Long speaker cables - cost vs performance

Looking for suggestions to a situation I have. My system is high-end. (Wilson Maxx 2's, McIntosh MC1201's and C500 etc...Valhalla and Jena Dreamdancer interconnects...etc. BUT, my speaker cable runs are 24 feet long!

Currently using shotgunned TMC Gold speaker cables. Wondering about improving these, but with what? The cost of running that much Valhalla or comparable would be astronomical (especially if bi-wired). Ideas?

My listening area is also the main living area, and no rearrangement of the componentry or speaker position is feasible.

I'm essentially happy with the sound, but am sure there's improvement possible in the speaker cable selection.

All advice appreciated.
Your speaker run is larger than my listening room!! The run is so long that I don't even think you could find a used pair of cables very easily. It seems to me that if you can't rearrange anything, you are kind of stuck, which is not a bad thing since you are essentially happy with the current state of your system. With the money you would spend on the Valhalla, you could probably add a new, but smaller, dedicated listening room to your house, but then your current speaker cables would be too long. ;>)

Hi Jbatlanta,

I have limited experience with speaker cables. Since having Monster Cables from about 30 years ago, I have tried 21 foot runs of:

Signal Cable (a verrrrrrrrrrrry good value).

Purist Audio Maximus Rev.B (Good sound, limited depth)
and now:

PS Audio X-Stream biWired. These cables are doing everything I wanted, and the price is right!

I'm sorry, I don't have experience with the TMC Gold, and can not make a direct comparison.

The PS Audio X-Stream cables are cheap enough that you don't run a big risk if you don't like them.

Best of luck,

Talk to Carl at Ultimate Cables. He can customize any size you need and the cost is low enough that the experiment is worthwhile. You could even double up later if you want.
First try 12gauge from home depot. I know, why find out that they might be better then what you have. But, it will tell you if other changes will offer better sound. Otherwise find a dealer that has a loaner policy, the only 'sound' way to find the right cable.
Hi JB - If foe whatever reason you can't get things closer, then you should look at cables that have exceptional performance at longer lengths, from the low cost OCOS cables, the Synergistic Research Tesla cables with their active shielding,and the "network" cables from MIT and Transparent. My inclination would be the S/R cables for this system, but all of the above cables perform well at longer lengths. Have FUN!
I had a similar living room size (24' X 12) and had run Acoustic Research 12 gage speaker "wire" under the floor of my living room. The people at both Kimber Kable, Audioquest and TAS suggested it was better to use short speaker runs and long interconnects than vice versa. When my Marantz 2270 (70 wats rms) receiver gave up the ghost, I bought 2 monoblock Nuforce amps (190 RMS) and set them up right behind my speakers, thus 14 inch speaker cables and long interconnects from my pre-amp. Although the major improvements in clarity and musicality was undoubtly largely attributable to my Nuforce 9V2SE amps (they're fantastic!) I'm sure the new configuration definitely contributed as well, as I have since been able to confirm when friends switched configuration in their systems. Because speaker cable is generally more expensive than interconnect cable and given the length of speaker cable involved in your setup, the savings could free up some dollars for improved cabling. I'm investigating Harmonitech/Lessloss/Kubala-Sosna alternatives. Good luck with your choices.
Yes- If at all possible: Move the amps(shorter cables/longer interconnects).
First, Disclaimer I am the owner of PNF Audio.

The main concern you should look at is the gauge of wire in the speaker cable you are looking to purchase. Because of the length of your cable run, you want a larger gauge internal wire (resistance).

I just did a system for a guy with two sets of 25ft runs of Symphony Speaker cable and three sets of Icon interconnect. The system was Mcintosh gear and Avalon Speakers. We get a good bit of business since we offer custom length cable. visit the site and read the Editor's Choice award for 2007 from the Absolute Sound Magazine.