Live equipment chassis

A mate of mine is reporting that he gets a small electrical shock when he touches the chassis of his audio equipment.

While i'm aware of several instances that can give rise to this happening does anyone here have (or point me towards) a simple methodical guide for him to follow to find the cause? Thanks.

Can you be more specific?..... Other than a static electricity charge shock an electrical shock from our home's electrical power source requires a point of entry and a point/s of exit.
Example, in one hand out the other. Or from a hand and out bare feet to a bare concrete floor. Just two examples....

Is your friend touching another piece of equipment or some object that is grounded with his other hand?
There has to be a difference of potential, voltage, between the two contacted objects.
Where is the current flow path?

As for the piece of equipment. Two wire or three wire cord and plug? If three wire is he using a ground cheater?

If a three wire cord and plug is the safety equipment ground on the receptacle connected all the way back to the neutral bus at the electrical panel?

Does he have a multimeter to do some tests?

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Have him get a polarity tester at the hardware store an outlet could be wired wrong.
Thanks Jea48 & Hevac1,

The poor chap was getting electric shocks from touching the chassis of any of his audio kit (not static charge). All product used 3 wire cord and plugs.

I initially suspected that the cause would be at the outlet but a check found the earth in place and the phase and neutral correctly wired all the way back to the switchboard panel.

It then came down to talking the guy through the laborous task of finding where circuit was being broken.

It turned out that a new (expensive) power cable was at fault (live was not conductive from his MM reading).

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