Listening in Depth - A Sampler of CBS Stereophonic

Do you remember this piece of vinyl?
I am facinated by this perticular piece - the introduction to stereophonic recordings in the 1960s.

Wonderfully recorded for it's age...
I also have a Westminister Laboratories Sampler from the 1950s.

What unique pieces of vinyl do you own?

Vinyl - The most exciting audio carrier.

Dewald Visser

I don't know if the following qualify as unique, but a couple of very much overlooked labels with great sound are the Artist House LP's and the pressings from A&M records Horizon's division, representing abstract Jazz (post bop?) artists of the 1970's.

As it turns out, both of these were started by John Snyder and both share wonderful sound with forward looking, creative music by very talented Jazz musicians.

Good examples on the Artist House label are Ornette Coleman, AH-6 (Artist House 6), Andrew Hill, AH-9 and Waymon Reed, AH9410.

On A&M Horizon are Brubeck and Desmond, A&M Horizon SP-703 and two by Charlie Haden, titled "The Golden Number," and "Closeness." These last two are better than many "audiophile" recordings for sound and the music is
Incredible. Literally two of my favorite Jazz LP's.

Lets hear from others here at Audiogon about your rare or obscure titles. It's nice to have a topic dedicated to vinyl and music :^).
I have found a mint LP of the Hootenanny Singers (the band that Bjorn Ulvaeus started before ABBA) - Bellman på värt sätt... very rare piece and very well recorded acoustic music by one of the best recording engineers ever - Micheal B Tretow.

Engiet Svensk svend/flikka hier?

Dewald Visser