Listening chair

I have seen many threads about equipment but never the listening chair. I tend to like chairs with a low back because I think they sound better. I just picked up a leather ergonomic chair with a hassock. It is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat in and I love it. What do you use?
A comfortable armchair, big enough to squat in, if needs be. Good lighting, room to place glass (wine/malt)& ashtray (cigar smokes), at less than arms' length. It is important to be able to perform important tasks (smoking, drinking) without disturbing the listening...
Search for "Your Listening chair". Been beat, but someone may have something to add.
After many years of searching for a comfortable listening chair, I still have not found it. Anybody has any brand names, pictures, web sites that I can check out? I'm currently using a $15.00 used chair (office like) that I found at one of the parking lot sale. It's great for listening but it's not too comfortable to sit on.
Rmgcy, check out the MAy edition of Home Theater Magazine. They review?!? 15 chairs.
Search for 'YOUR LISTENING CHAIR' POST. cheap to expensive to very expensive alternatives were discussed.
Good idea Nilthepill. (Look up 2 posts)
Hello Everyone.
I am about to say good bye to my home theater chairs. Anyone interested in taking a look at it are welcome to follow the link below. My idea of a Listen Chair is what you enjoy sitting in for hours. The only reason I am selling my is because I am running out of room in my home theather room If anyone have any comments about my Home theater chairs or would like to buy it please let me know. Sorry to make this so much like an ad but just you guys to see how my home theater chairs look like. Thank You.

Gee, and I've been payin' two bucks each to place my ads when I could have been putting them here in the discussion forums for FREE.

Even if you apologize, it is still an ad! Where's Big Brother when you need him.
TO many people with to much time on your hands.Whats it come to when a Magazine reviews chairs.
Herman Miller chair w/ottoman. It is a hi back but also extremely ergonomic...& comfy.
After years of thinking about chairs, I decided that the ultimate chair would of course be comfy, have a big armrest for the remote, and let you put your feet up (either a recliner or coffee table req'd.). For group listening need a couch for 1-on-1 need a chair only. You need to be able to get up quicly to change CD's. So I got myself a custom leather mission-style recliner which does the trick for system #1 and a couch for system #2.