Linn OEM Power Cables

Does anyone have an opinion on the OEM cables that come with Linn equipment (in particular, power amplifiers). I asked Linn their opinion on after-market power cords and they (of course) stated that their OEM cables are ideal for the units. I'd appreciate any thoughts on this issue.

My experience is mixed. I have tried a number of cords with several Linn pieces, although none of the cords, or the Linns, for that matter, are the top of the line units. At various points, I've used Kimber, Sonic Horizon, Cardas, JPS and Shunyata. The amps (Majik and LK280, which have toroidal transformers) definintely responded to upgraded cords, about like other amps I've tried. The digital gear (Karik) was almost immune to the cords I tried, including the vaunted JPS Digital. I ended up with one of Subaruguru's cords, as it was ever so slightly smoother and lusher than OEM, and because it is a tenth the cost of the JPS, it was a keeper. On the Lingo, no cords could be heard, at all. My theory is that the switch mode Linns do not respond much to PC's. On the toroidal amps, though, Cardas Quadlink's were noticeable and good upgrades for me. The Majik was improved the most. Definitely worth a try, especially if you buy here, where the prices are good, and you can resell the ones that don't make the grade.
My experience on switch mode units is not with Linn but rather Chord Electronics' power amps - they do respond favourable to various pc. YMMV and of course pc is highly subjective.
I agree with Whknopp0713, on my Klouts(toroidal transformer)
PS Audio Mini-Lab work wonders, on my Ikemi and Kairn-pro (switch mode power supply)there was no difference.
Getting Linn or any manufacturer to openly admit that they provide anything less than optimum would be impossible. I have an Ikemi and have added the Cardas QuadLink and am very happy. For a power am I would look at the Harmonic Technolgy ProACII.
I haven't had personal experience, but my retailer, whom I've known for about ten years [and who is famously known for being particular] doesn't like non-OEMs in his own gear.