Linn Linto phono stage with Scout/JMW9

I have an active Linn system (AV5103 pre into AV5140 speakers and Melodik sub)and am about to add a Scout turntable as I make the return to vinyl.

I have a Linn Linto phono stage and am struggling with choice of cartridge.
I am looking to balance the forwardness of the Linn system with a warmth and a rich tonal quality....not too good at this writing stuff!

I have heard the Benz woody L2, though not in my system, and liked it. My Budget can't quite get there so I'm thinking of the Dyna 20XL or the Shelter 501. (Lyra and Sumiko options appear on the face of it to potentially add to my bright world?)
I've scavenged the archives exhaustively and hope I'm being specific enough here to get appropriate feedback.

I would like to stay with the 64db gain of the Linn Linto phono stage which puts me firmly in the low output camp.

Many thanks for your help.
I can only concur with your reasoning and taste in cartridges and add that the Linto is the quietest phono stage I have ever heard (also very musical). I owned one for nearly a decade and should never have sold it.

On the subject of cartridges keep in mind that many low output MC makers offer core trade incentives to keep customers with their line of product. Inquire with each company your considering and then look on AudioGon or Ebay for a suitable (spent)trade in piece which will cost you far less than the core trade value in many cases. This plan of attack may open up your choices with affordability. I was able to save almost 1/3rd of the cost of Linn's Akiva cartridge two years back with this move.

Happy Listening!
Your question recalls my cartridge quandary from a few weeks ago. I also have a VPI Scout and a Linn Linto phono stage. I recently purchased the Linto and had to either lower the gain on the phono stage or change my cartridge (Dynavector 20XH). I decided to upgrade the cartridge rather than modify the Linto. I was thinking of getting the Dyna 20XL because the 20XH that I had was so good. I ended purchasing the Benz L2 in an attempt to refine my sound. I was not prepared for what happened. The Benz was a major upgrade. It is a supremely detailed cartridge and works marvelously with the scout. If I were you I would make every effort to get the Benz L2, you won't regret it.
I have been using a Linto with my system for about 2 years now. I replaced a Naim Stageline/Hi Cap and used the same Lyra LydianB with both. I can say that the Linn has a better bottom through upper mid, but the Naim was better on the top. I use a tweaked out P25 and I can say the Linn is all around a better peice than the Naim I am only suggesting that before you buy a cartridge you may consider the Lyra brand. I thing with the synergy of a mostly Linn system you may have a much better result, as it works well in my system. One added feature is the dual inputs, I use it to try different cables but you could run two tables throught it. All of course MHO.
Thanks for the responses.
I've decided to go with the Benz as I've heard it and Iramirez has increased my level of confidence!

Question that remains is what should I use as interconnects between the Scout/Linto/preamp.
Best RCA I/C I have is a Linn Silver. Others are Beldon cable with Canare RCA's.

Should it be the same cable for both connections? Don't want to spend crazy money but equally don't want to hold back the front end.

Ideas welcomed!
Hi Clarets,Thank You for the kind words in your e-mail. You got some good advise from everyone above. The Benz and Dynavectors are good choices for the JMW9. Trying out different brands of interconnects and speaker wire acouple of years ago turned into a real headache for me. It took awhile though I have things squared away now. Your JMW9 I believe is wired with Discovery wire.I would carry on with it from the V.P.I. junction box right to your preamp.Check V.P.I.s web site,I'm sure they sell Discovery interconnects .However it's best to try before you buy. Good Luck and good listening....