Linn Kairn vs 5103


I am looking for a Linn preamp and so far I thought that Linn Kairn with slimline brilliant PS would be a best bet (short of Klimax series). I have heard good things about 5103 though. Has anyone compare the Kairn with Slimline PS and 5103? In a purely 2 ch system, would the 5103 give better performance or should I still look for Kairn?

Thanks in advance,

not sure performance, but 5103 shall be cheaper than Kairn but serve additional function anbd upgrades.
5103 is not cheaper than Kairn. %103 as good as or better than Kairn in 2-ch.
the 5103 is a better 2 channel preamp than the karin.
5103 is better, but you are talking about a BIG price difference. A Kairn can be had at last glance for $795, 5103's are going for upwards of $2500. If you don't need all of the features of the 5103 then get a Kairn, and spend the extra on some music