How do you connect a Linn LK2 to a Kairn?

I plan to hook up a LK2 to a Kairn.
The LK2 uses an XLR for each channel.
Each XLR end has two RCAs (R/L).

The Kairn has three outputs for three amps.
One RCA for each channel (R/L).
How do I hook up the Karin to the LK2 using the XLRs that I have or am I missing something?
Don't know the LK2, but had a Kairn and LK100.
The Kairn will connect to 3 amps, hence the 3 RCA outputs. You only need one set to the LK2. You should pick either (doesn't matter which) RCA out on the Kairn and connect corresponding XLR with your cables.
Thanks for the response. I'll try it tonight.
I think I found a solution.
The 2 XLRs I have now, have two RCAs on each end.
I need 2 XLRs with one RCA on each end that connected to the Kairn.