Good amp for Linn Kairn pre

I was wondering what would be the good matching amp for Linn Kairn preamp. Currently, I am using Meridian 551 as my pre and power. However, since I have Kairn preamp I would like to take an advantage of this preamp with a good matching power amp. I guess Linn Klout could be a good option, but I would like to know what other amps are good choice with Linn Kairn. Concerning speakers, I think about purchasing either Proac D25 or Dynaudio 3.4.

Please share your experience with Linn Kairn preamp!

I currently have following equipments:

Meridian 500 transport
Meridian 563 DAC
Meridian 551 integrated amp.
Linn Kairn (preamp)
Krell 300il integreated amp (I am not very fond of this integrated amp although they are well made. Sounds rather cold to my taste)
I connet my source to 551 via Tara labs Air 1, and digitial connection via Tara labs Air AES/EBU.
My speaker cables are Tara labs Master Gen 2

I guess I spent a lot more money for the cables than my amps.

I think the Kairn is a very nice preamp and any Linn person would suggest you mate it with a Linn power amp. Linn has a reputation for synergy with their products. Since the Klout is now discontinued, you may find one used for a good price, although I notice that they sell quickly. The natural successor to the Klout would, I believe, be the 2250. You have a pretty good system, so I don't know if you would be happy to go down the Linn line to the LK series amps (LK 85 and LK 140). There's a big difference in performance when you go from these to a Klout, particularly in bass in my view. It caught my eye when you said that you found the Krell cold. The Linn sound is certainly not cold. People who don't like Linn might suggest it is too laid back. You might want to consider Bryston, which I believe mates well with Linn, although it might be "cold" to you as well. I also think that SimAudio poweramps would be very nice with the Linn preamp.
A Klout or a pair of LK-240 monoblocks.
I appreciate the feedbacks from Markphd and Hepl.
It seems Linn Klout or a pair of LK-240 could be good matching with Linn Kairn.
What would be the difference between Klout aand a pair of LK-240.
As far as I know Klout is more expensive than a pair of LK-240.
Your experience would be highly appreciated.

Unfortunately, I can't comment on the LK 240 as I've never heard them.
It just so happens that I have a perfect match for your Kairn, a Linn 2250 and it's for sale. I just bought it from a dealer in Toronto in February '06 (it was a lightly used demo unit) and I have only used it for 2 months.
It mates beautifully with the Kairn.
I am asking $2500 Cdn. for it, including manual, original box and packing materials and a pair of Linn interconnects. Its condition is flawless cosmetically and sonically.
I know this is not the kind of response you were looking for however this really is a good match.
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Thank you,