Linn Aquito arm servicing or replacing?

Having problems with a very slight horizontal resistance in a specific area of the path of the record. It causes a skip in some records (not in all). Should the arm be serviced or replaced?
The name was misspelled it is Akito. Sorry
I would contact a Linn dealer in your area. It sounds like a bearing issue and probably is not repairable. But ask a dealer he will know based on the direction of the resistance. With the new EKOS SE arm out there maybe the dealer will have some trade-in EKOS arms or Akito's.
Go to audio origami website and talk to Jhonny. The bearings are sticking and this is a well known akito problem. Jhonny can fix it like new and check everything out. Do not bother talking to Linn.


Thank you so very, very much. You made my day!!