Has B&K Stopped Servicing the ST-140?

I spoke to B&K about servicing my ST-140 some time ago and was told that B&K would not be servicing the units any longer, citing availability of parts. They recommended a new purchase (Surprise!), which I respectfully declined. I hope I am wrong here. I hope this has been remedied, but I suspect not. Someone PLEASE let me know if am wrong. I love my amp, a real workhorse and great value. I'd hate to think it's a boat anchor if anything finally goes or blows. Are there other sources for replacement parts and repair that anyone knows about? Is there anyone picking up the slack there? Otherwise, it might make sense to pick up a cheap working spare for parts scavenging. The best would be B&K being able to service and repair a venerable design.
I don't know what might be in the amp that is not available today. There should be many repair centers around that could repair it. Capacitors will lose their ability to charge after a long period of time and an old amp will have the same old capacitors as yours but new ones are available.
I had a ST140 rebuilt about 1 1/2 years ago. Mine was the later vintage (1993) unit that was the immediate predecessor to the ST1400, heat sinks inside, same parts essentially as the ST1400. When I called them to set it up they said the output transistors were no longer available and in order to rebuid it they would have to replace them all (ie rather than just the bad ones I had one channel gone). It turned out that mine already had the later vintage outputs so I wasn't in that boat, but if yours is the original 80's model I assume the issue is with the outputs, and I doubt you'll want to pay the money to replace them. You can instead buy a used ST140 for less.

As far as general service, are you sure they will not touch it? I sent my M200 monoblock in last year (80's vintage - outputs not available either) and they did a complete tuneup. This amounted to full checkup, replacing the power stitch, set bias, replace all the fuses. $50 for the service, plus shipping. If it needed a resistor, or cap, or some basic part like that I believe they would have installed it.

Other than that, I imagine you can find any one of a number of techs who will service it.
Correct, the original Hitachi MosFets in TO330 cases went out of production so long ago that dinosaurs roamed the earth. The 1400 series used a plastic cased MosFet and these may still be available. You really can't blame B&K for running out of a spare part that is so long out of production. Perhaps buy a parts unit, the early Van Alstine amps used this part as well as several others. Good luck with the hunt!
Are you sure it's the MOSFETS?
The audiophile community is just AWESOME! Thanks for all the help guys! I welcome any further input. However, I think buying a spare might make the most sense, though. But THANKS for all your GREAT responses. If anyone has further ideas, I'm all ears.