Linn Akurate DS

Just about to drop my money on this source. Any feedback/discussions?? Does anyone know if Linn are working to improve the user interface?

I auditioned the Akurate DS with the Linn 2 x 100watt Integrated amplifier with my JM Lab Electra 1007 BE speakers and the results were nothing short of stunning with FLAC Audio @ 16bit. I was amazed!

Discuss :)
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I took delivery of my ADS 3 weeks ago. Once you get to live with the beastie a while, it just gets better and better. It simply out-performs any CDP I have ever heard.

A colleague from work bought his CD12 around so that we could compare the two machines. It was no contest. Suffice to say that his CD12 is now on the market & he is awaiting delivery of a Klimax DS.

You are right about the LinnGUI interface, though. It is clunky. Hopefully Linn will get it's act together on this soon.