Linn Akurate CD vs. others

In Germany, Linn´s Akurate CD-SACD-DVD-Audio-player has been very favourably reviewed by both Stereo and Stereoplay magazine.

The former found the player to set new standards for its class and found the SACD-playback to better the Esoteric X-03SE, the Lindemann 820, equal to the Krell Evolution 505.

CD-playback was found to be on the same level as the new Lindemann 820s, but better than the Krell, significantly better than the Esoteric X-03SE, the Accuphase DP78, or the Marantz SA-7S1.

One German dealer found the Akurate to sound as good as the CD12. Another well respected dealer that carries both Esoteric and Linn told me the Linn was no competition for the Esoterics, but did not have the Linn on display.

Has any of you guys listened to and compared the Akurate to the aforementioned or other high end-players?

Florian Hassel
I heard it in an all Linn system and I prefered the 1.1. The dealer swapped the Akurate with the unidisk 1.1 he had on hand - in and out of the same setup - and the 1.1 was just more musical and more toe tappin compared to the Akurate IMO . Both had outstanding detail and soundstage. I have heard the X-03SE in another system a while ago and the build quality of the Esoteric is way beyond the Linn. Soundwise I would say its a toss up, I think associated equipment could lean you one way or the other. I have not heard the Lindemann or Krell so can't comment on those.

Good listening
The Linn Akurate CD is just a Unidisk 1.1 minus all of the video circuitry.

Neither piece sounds as good as the now discontinued Sondek CD12. The new Klimax DS is said to handily beat the CD12 and the Akurate DS is considered equal to or slightly better than the CD12.

I'm a Linn dealer.

Almost 10 years since someone posted in this thread, but someone might find my thoughts and experience worth to read about.

Since many years these components have been used in my systems.

Linn Akurate CD
T+A Elektroakustik D-10
Mark Levinson No 36 (DAC in my TV-system)
D-10 is by some margin the best of these.
A truly wounderful peice of equipment that few other CD/SACD players can beat.

Linn Akurate is very good too and I use it in my STAX headphone rig.
Recently I coupled my ML No.36 as a DAC after my Linn Akurate.
Initial impression was a little bit colder and more compressed sound, but I know that ML No. 36 needs a couple of days to adjust, and after 3 days this combination bettered Linn Akurate CD as a standalone player.

Still could not touch my D-10, but I think that ML No.36 still is one of the greater DAC's that have been made.