Linn Akurate Amps with JM Lab Electra 1007 BE

Hi Guys, I have a room about 4meters x 4 meters and want to provide a power amp for the system. The source will be an Linn Akurate DS and I'll be adding in a Klimax Kontrol preamp.

For amplification, would a Linn C4100 with 4 x 100watts be enough power (I only have 2 speakers but intend on getting the Centre JM Lab) or am I best to use a 200watt x 2 Akurate Amp?

Could the C4100 be bi amp'd onto the 1007 BE's so I get the 2 x 200 watts but also have the flexibility of having 4 channels of power if required??

Just wondering if 100watts is enough, the speaker is rated at 90W max.

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Settled on a used C2200 , 2 x 200watts. Should be more useful. Thanks for the help :/
how does JM lab sound with Linn amps?