Linear Tube ZOTL Amps vs other top (traditional) tube amplifiers

Asking for input from LTA amplifier owners, most ideally the ZOTL Reference (el34 based) amp owners...

How does the sound of these Berning designed ZOTL amps compare to other longstanding, well known top tube amps that do incorporate traditional output transformers?

I am thinking of the best among modern Audio Research, Air Tight, VAC, BAT, Jadis, CJ tube amps -- push pull topology, over 50 wpc (not interested in flea watt SE amps)... tube amps that have the requisite tube magic, but not overtly sweetened or rolled off in presentation...

Thanks for your input... and please tell what speakers you are driving when you state comparative SQ between LTA vs ________....
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When I got my first Berning designed amp (ZH230) I immediately noticed a lack of transformer grunge that I didn’t even realize was there before and I had a rather expensive transformer type amp.

 at the time. The clarity from the lack of noise was a little shocking.  To say a veil was removed is an understatement, more like a wool curtain was removed. I was hooked for life.

I own Janszen zA2.1 Valentina speakers and when I first got them had a hard time matching up a good amp that I was happy with. What I found is that my current ZOTL40 amp is a match made in heaven. There is a synergy with electrostats and Berning amps that is rather amazing. The fact that a 40 watt tube amp can sufficiently power inefficient speakers like mine is icing on the cake.