Accuphase Amplifiers - members opinions on their class A- A75 amp and the a/b P-7300 amp

I enjoy Accuphase's sound and I just retired and will be moving so I thought it would be a good time to trade up. However, what I do not like about Accuphase is the fees and tariffs and markup's on their UA Authorized products entering the USA. That is a shame in itself but best left for another time and thread. I do have my Accuphase P-6100 up for sale here now and enjoy that sound due to the MOSFET output stages if I have that correct. Detailed but smooth and accurate...… So I would like to hear from other Accuphase owners who have purchased one the above mentioned amplifiers and why they chose that one over the other one. The rest of my system is all Accuphase and my speakers are the Wilson Benesch Square 5's.  87 sensitivity 6 ohm nominal and WB recommends a minimum of 100 wats ( the A-75 is only 60 but pure class A ) My concern over the A-75 would be the damping factor and really of any class A amp in which Accuphase has noted that factor has been improved with this amp and the speakers base response to which amp I possibly choose. ( or, I could just keep the P-6100 ) We all like great bass and I am a big Allman Brother Whipping Post fan and I want to hear Barry Oakley nail that into each and every time ! I use that song as a way to evaluate bass in my or any system I listen to. Thank you in advance and I look forward to your responses and opinions. Stay well and safe out there                     
...….just kick starting this thread as I am surprised to realize that nobody owns either of these two amps !   
garebear, I have owned Accuphase equipment and can say definitively that there is no better build quality on the market. The stuff will last forever. Why it does not get more traction in the States is beyond me. The Class A amps are gorgeous sounding right up there with Pass, Boulder and probably even Constellation. Cosmetically, they have a jewel like quality the other amps are missing. Those amps are more industrial in character. 
Thank you ; mijostyn much appreciated but still wondering if anybody has done a personal comparison of these two Accuphase amps and what their thoughts were and why.  
garebear, I would stay with the 6100 until you can afford a more powerful class A amp. Your getting about 160 watts/ch out of the 6100 and given you like to get whipped my guess is you will be disappointed with 90 or so watts/ch. You are a rocker. There is never such a thing as too much power.
…...thank you again mijostyn and it has nothing to due about being able to afford one of those two amps nor about the power.  I am however more interested in the presentation and or musicality of going with Accuphase's class A powered amps or their a/b amps. I guess that current owners of either one of these amps never compared or thought about the sonic differences. Stay safe...      
garebear, I have both, “A" and “AB" Class Accuphase amps, p4500/a48, and somehow mostly in use is p4500. These amps have pretty much the same improved input stage designs, but completely different output power stage circuits. I found A48 sounds little bit more “liquid”, on some reference quality sound tracks, but overall both amps are very good, transparent, punchy and “airy”.

@westcoastaudiophile are you still using the P4500 more often?  Is there anything in particular you like more?

Yes! P4500 generates less heat, and it has higher peak power, A48 is “cleaner” at below 5W power range, beyond that difference is not audible. 

My brother has the A65 driving Magico S5 speakers.That is a beautiful sounding amplifier.Much better than the much more powerful Vitus it replaced.

I have not heard the above amps you mention , I do have the accuphase a65 driving dynaudio s25 in a 6m x 10m room with similar speaker sensitivity and no problem hitting 100 db. Love the sound of class a.

Knowing the accuphase sound I would say both the 7300 and 75 will drive your speaker insanely well , both have 1000 dampening but the 75 has a bigger power supply with 200 uf vs 122uf for the 7300. The 7300 has a slight advantage in s/n .

Being a class a guy I would opt for the 75 , I think either would be great.

gd luck.