Line-level selector switch?

Has anybody had any experience with a line-level source selector switch? Can you recommend a good one?

Here's an example:

The Russound product would work but it has six inputs ... I only need two. Retail price appears to be about $75.

I plan on using a switch so that I can connect both my Plinius 8100 and Denon surround receiver to my powered sub; the switch will allow me to alternate between stereo listening and home theater. The sub only has one set of line-level inputs.

Probably not what you're looking for, but Manley Labs is developing a very neat source A-B switcher. It sounds like it's quite overbuilt and will probably cost more than you want to spend for your application. It's not yet available for sale. Here's the link:

Thanks, Jameswei.

I read Manley Labs' description and you are correct: it is overbuilt. Sounds like a heck of a product, but I don't think I'll need anything that sophisticated for a subwoofer a-b switch.

Under specs they have this nugget ....

"Shipping weight each: heavy"
You want the VPC-1 passive switch from channel island audio