LightSpeed USB 2.0 cable

Does anyone have experience with this USB 2.0 cable ?   The claim is that it is faster than a USB 3.0 cable !
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Are you talking about the lightspeed 10g usb cable? I have it and it is excellent. Seperate data and power runs. Very expensive $995
The theory is great, but several have reported signal drop outs for unknown reasons.  Make sure you can return them if they dont work. 

An oddity is that they are USB powered.  I might have designed them to take external power to ensure reliability and isolation.

Jazz bird have a look at Curious Cable out of Australia,
.Rob Woodland has a solid back ground in cable and connection design being under license of the Eichmann Bullet RCA plug including his own invention and designer of the Bayonet plug and Cablepod, ,.

Curious Cable offers free shipping with full refund including return shipping if by chance you do not agree it's the best USB cable on the market today ,..., Best of all its much , much lest expensive then any of the so called best on the market today ,..I suggest to read through the site including viewing Bobs video .