Lfd burn in

Hello everyone,

I have taken delivery of an lfd ncse and wondering what other's experiences with break in were with lfd amps. I have scoured the Internet but only one thread from here has any info. Just want to throw this out there to see if there are other opinions/experiences. Fyi I feel like it's lacking a bit of body in the upper midrange but hoping that this is typical before it burns in? Or is this generally the amp's sound? Thanks for any feedback.
Fine kit you just bought. It was also on my short list when I upgraded to a REGA OSIRIS.

Send an email to Robert at AUDIO EDEN or Steve at HI FI FO FUM for the best available LFD guidance .... they are the two top dealers here in Toronto that I dealt with on LFD matters.

IMO also ask Steve about the effects of using LFD's own IC, speaker and poiwer cables (or conversely "not"...) as an integral part of the LFD performance synergy path. He had an interesting advice story to tell me but I rather you hear it direct from an experienced source.

hifofum.ca Steve@hififofum.ca

audioeden.com audioeden@rogers.com