Harbeth P3ESR SE vs 7ES2 w/ LFD

Hi everyone,

When in doubt... ask the experts. I have an LFD LE Mk IV SE integrated amplifier and wish to upgrade my speakers from a P3ESR SE to the older 7ES2; is this good idea- or should I be content with my current set up? LFD interconnects and Spiroflex cabling in the near future. Has anyone heard of any Spendor or Avalon monitors with the LFD. Would this be a better option. I love what I have; so something similar or 'larger' in performance is all I am trying to achieve.

Thank you in advance...
If it's a good idea to you, it's a good idea. The larger speakers will definitely sound bigger/more open, if that's what you are looking for.

I own 7es3's, tried them with LFD - not a fan personally, but if you like it with the P3's I'm sure you'll like it with the 7's. I also own little Spendor s3/5's and previously owned the A5. LIke them quite a bit - a little less dynamic - perhaps slightly more laid back. Very good, just different.
Meiwan. May I ask what your amp is? Sorry I should probably know this but blew a brain fart. I run a Rogue Cronus Magnum with my 7es3's. I want to add a ss integrated to my arsenal.

Jp. I know the LFD has been praised with the LFD. Ive never heard the combine. Its hard to accomplish. Same with Luxman. From what ive read the Luxman l -505u is amazing with Harbeths but I cant seem to get a demo. I know for a fact that the Ayre ax 7e is an amazing combo with Harbeth. You might want to check out the Ayre.
I'm using a Mastersound Compact 845. If I were to go solid state I'd likely move to a hybrid - Unison, Pathos.
Updated info on this model and everything else LFD including interface with Harbeth and other questions to Dr. Richard Bews and his cogent (terse?) answers can be found at audiophiledotwordpressdotcom.wordpress.com/