Info on LFD Mistral...?

I heard, that it sounds as good as SET amp? Well, ALMOST as good! However. i cannot find any info. or dealer that my have one of these. I might, even consider trading, my Linn Majik for one of these. Just for sake of trying something new! Thanks!
Dragon, I would not get my hopes up in terms of this sounding as good as an SET. But, from the Stereophile review by Sam Tellig, he liked it quite a bit. It is a very simple design, which often is a great sign. I don't believe they have much US presence. If you need info on that review(I would expect it includes how to contact a US distributor - he usually gives this info), I can pass it along. I am pretty sure I have that issue, I'd just have to dig it up.
Thanks Trelja! Also, i cannot remember what speakers you have with Jadis...? I have ACI Sapphire II, and i believe that they can sound, as good as, the amps they are pushing them! One day i will try Jadis!
Dragon, I looked up the Sam Tellig review. It is in the September, 1998 issue of Stereophile. I also found them on the web at The website includes reviews, but only the blip contained in the Stereophile Recommended Components listing, not the full review by Sam. It was given a Class B rating. The full review is definitely worth reading, and would be mandatory if I was considering purchase. To state Sam's opinions briefly: "The Mistral is like some of the best SET amps. The sound seems alive in the sense of being illuminated from with; the amp is full of light as well as life." This is a bit confusing, because at times he says the amp sounds like a SET, and at times he says it doesn't. Even including the statement, "SET sound from a solid-state integrated? No, of course not." He says he'd take the Mistral over many a push-pull tube amp. And even says, "those open, airy, shimmering highs remind me of the Jadis SE300Bs - at $13,000/pair!" He may have gotten a bit overexuberant with that statement. The main drawback he continually states is the lack of power, especially into difficult loads. Power and loudness are definitely limited. That, along with your preference in music, and speakers would have to be factored in. A continual comparison was made to the Bryston B60(he also compares it to the Denon PMA-2000R, Creek 4330, and Musical Fidelity XA-1). The Bryston being more to his liking in some areas, less in others. I would say it is a draw in his mind. Different in sound, etc., but equal in rating. Sorry for the scatteredness of my review of the review. My take is that if I was looking for a ss integrated, and had very easy to drive speakers, I would go for it. Also, on my short list would be the new Musical Fidelity A3, and maybe the YBA Integre. My speakers are Coincident Loudspeaker Technology Digital Master w/Troubass subwoofers. They look like Wilson WATT/Puppies, but are easy to drive(high sensitivity/high impedence). They are also much less(to me) bright, harsh, irritating than the Wilsons. The Troubass use 10" woofers in their own box. The Digital Masters(also can be placed on stands and used on their own, instead of being placed on the subs) use a soft dome tweeter, and polypropylene mid-woofer w/phase plug. The Digital Masters are pyramidal in shape. I have to say I really love the time - aligned front baffle. I am sure it contributes to the wonderful sound. Crossover is first order, using only a polypropylene capacitor and large gauge inductor. Finish is black lacquer. I am very happy with them, and will not be moving to anything else for a LONG time. Coincident used to make some interestingly shaped speakers, but sadly that ended when demand rose. Those shapes are much more difficult and time consuming to produce. But, the newer designs are very highly regarded. Good Luck with whatever product you choose!
Thanks Trelja! I will probably stick with my Linn till i am able to audition other amps, including Jadis! I listen mostly acoustic instruments, classical and world (stange) music like Tuvan Throat singers and such...! I just cannot stand "rock" "pop" and other....maybe some New age...etc! Thanks again! Dragan
wasn't sam tellig the same guy who, several years ago, recommended the use of wd-40 or armor-all on cd's? yeah, like his opinion's worth anything. remember, too, the guy gets PAID to write for stereophile! another member of the world's oldest profession. wonder if he has a heart of gold.
hey, eldragon, i've got a cd for you to try, if you don't already own it. seriously. it's called "spirit" and is done by a swedish acoustic trio, vasen, playing a nylckelharpa, viola and guitar. northside, NSD6004.
I heard about them, somebody told me about...? i sure will check on E-bay! I find most of my music there! And if you are into "vinyl" that's place to go! Thanks Sluggo!
Eldragon, from the musical tastes you described to me, you sound like the classic candidate for a tube amp. And maybe a warm one at that. Albeit, this would be a major shift in sound from your Linn. I think you may like the sound of an EL34 based amp. You may want to one day audition the CJ CAV50, Jadis Orchestra, Jadis Orchestra Reference(which will accept EL34/6CA7 tubes), or even the Jolida 302B. Don't discount the Jolida, with a quartet of JJ or Svetlana tubes and a good power cord. Sluggo, Sam's article did contain a fair amount of contradictory statements, as I pointed out. And he doesn't listen to blues/rock/pop or even much modern jazz(as I do), so I always take his feelings with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, he is the writer at Stereophile I have the most faith in(Johnathan Scull being my least favorite, by FAR). Yeah it's a magazine, and he gets paid, but would I be as well informed without that magazine(with the ads, reviews, classifieds, etc.)? No.
You are probably right Trelja...however i also "cherish" the "microdinamics" of the ss amp's. Is Jadis detailed enough? I will find out soon! I had friend of mine locating "dealer" in LA area, so when i visit him, i'll find out! Thanks!
Dragon, please pass along the impressions you have of the Jadis equipment. I am curious. I can understand the qualities you like in a good solid state amp. I evolved into tubes, and it was not overnight. I feel that my amp is very good in microdynamics area. The Jolida amp, with the stock Chinese tubes is not the best there. Those tubes have a slow and heavy sound. Almost like a thick oil was poured over the music. JJ tubes really open things up in that area in particular. Could you also pass along the dealer name. I had a really tough time finding Jadis dealers. Thank God he was local, in Philadelphia(what luck), or I am sure I would have never have bought it. Would have went with a Cary, Audio Electronic Supply, or a VAC. I am sure your next amp(whichever you choose) will be absolutely fantastic. Good Luck!
I sure will, Trelja, and thanks!