Lexicon MC 12

Has anyone used the MC12? Specifically, has anyone decided to avail themselves of the Lexicon offer and trade their MC1 in for an MC12? I would benefit in understanding the logic of doing so, espcecially given the steep price -about 5k. Thanks
I am thinking about purchasing a MC-12, but cannot find a dealer that can demo such a unit in Virginia. I want to use it for a Yamaha DPX-1 DLP projector and run my audio and surround gear through the processor. Would it replace my Krell KRC preamp that I currently run as external preamp through a Yamaha DSP-A1? Can I feed digital cable TV from a S-video or component video box through the MC-12? Who has seen and heard one? Who has experience with it? Thanks for all input/answers.
The full product manual is available as a PDF file on the lexicon website - looking at that may answer many or all of your questions.

The MC-12 does have analog pass-through, so I would guess it would make your KRC preamp redundant. It has video switching for both S-Video adn component video so, yes, you can feed your video feeds through the MC-12. If you use more than one "type" of video connection, you will probably need all types connected from processor to TV as well (ie, I doubt it will convert from one type to another).

I don't personally have hands-on experience with an MC-12 yet, but own an MC-1 and plan to utilize Lexicon's upgrade program to get an MC-12 this month. -Kirk