Lexicon MC-12

Does the Lexicon MC-12 allow use of subwoofer(s) in 2 channel bypass mode? I Know the Bryston SP 1.7 allows the use of sub(S) in 2 channel bypass but not sure if possible with the Lexicon. Thanks in advance.
The SP1.7 does NOT allow use of the sub while in 2 channel bypass. The signal does not pass through anything but an analog volume and balance. It sounds fantastic in two channel bypass and you can bypass any analog input at any given time BTW. You can select 2 channel un-bypassed output which gives subwoofer output. Strictly speaking, it isnt "bypassed" if the signal passes through a DSP chip.
Distortion, The SP1.7 does allow the use of sub(s) in 2 channel bypass mode. I talked with James Tanner from Bryston and he confirmed this.You have to enter a code on the SP1.7 remote control to enable the sub(s)in 2 channel bypass mode. Could any owners of the MC-12 confirm if it is possible with that unit. Thanks
Well I'll be darned your right. I must haved misplaced the "codes" when I was setting it up. As I understand it the L and R stay full analog, so I wonder if the Sub output is full range analog? Or does it pass thgrough the DSP and get crossed over? The unit seems to have volume control but no crossover or distance control. I am going to investigate this further this afternoon.

Thanks for the tip. Sorry I couldnt help but maybe my yapping will get someone else to notice your thread.