Levinson owners, what cables are u using?

I trying to find out what cables Levinson owners feel best match this equipment. Interconnects, digital i/c's, speaker & power cable?


Hello Jon,
I am using Electroglide Genghis Khan PC for my ML332 amp and Cardas Golden Reference ICs for up-and downstream. They are pretty good matching. The sound is dynamic, detailed, smooth, lush and extended.
I use MIT CVT Reference cabling from the transport all the way to the speakers. I also have a Z-Stabilzer in parallel with each of the dedicated amp outlets, and Z-II power cords. I have the 20.6 monoblocks which simply love the MIT's. From my experience: if you use MIT signal cables, it's either all or nothing with the Levinsons. Mixing MIT with other cables resulted in a markedly decrease in performance (my rig, my room, my ears).
Thanks for the responses so far...I have a ML 436's, No.37 transport & the No.40 processor along with Revel Salons, Voice & Embraces. I'm currently using Transparent Ref w/XL interconnects for the 3 436's, the length is quite long (approx 40ft), I'm also using Transparent ReferenceXL speaker cables with the Transparent Reference Digital AES/EBU cable. I'm looking to upgrade my cables. My equipment room has already been built so it would be a pain & an exspense to move my equip closer to the 436's which are in the front of the room by the Salons. BTW the 40ft i/c's are balanced.
Strickly Valhallas, and Elrods sig's throughout, with the 40, 33hs for mains, and 436 for center and rears.I Cant find a better match than this! all plugged in to a Hydra with Elrod/hydra power cord. Very stunning.....
Audioquest Lapis and Diamond. I recommend the Lapis X3. I do not have any experience with AQs newer line. As for digital the Audioquest Falcon AES/EBU has been my favorite. I've compared it to the Cardas and Orchid.
Harmonic Technology Pro-Silway II interconnects
and Alphacore Goertz MI2 speaker cables
Tara Labs "The One"
Acoustic Zen Reference Matrix.
With my ML 37, Chord DAC 64, ML 380S, and my Talon Audio speakers, I use Analysis Plus. Oval Video from the aes/ebu on the 37 to the DAC, Copper Oval balanced to the 380S, and Copper Oval balanced to the amp. I also use Silver Oval from my phono pre-amp to the 380S, and use AP Power Ovals throughout. Silver Oval speaker chords from the amp to the Talons.
Madrigal CZ-Gel. Sound great. Also, that's what Levinson uses when developing Levinson components.
I like Transparent Ref. XL and Pure Note Epsilon Ref. for Levinson gear. You can buy the Pure Note for less money directly from them.
use Madrigal's own, both digital and analog.
Don't you get it?

These are the cables that Levinson designs it equipment around. You bought Levinson and don't want the cables they designed the components around? All other cables are simply equalizers...get rid of them!
various Synergistic Reference cables between components, ML40 and ML33H's. Power cords: Elrod Statements and Signatures

I done a lot of cable buying. I tired them all and I found a combination that is a killer. Transparent audio super balnaced from my Sony SCD1 to my 380S, Harmonic Technology from my preamp to 333.5 Levinson amp balanced also.

Speaker wire the the PS Audio Statement! WOW! 8 Gage that will carry all the current my amp can but out to my Dynaudio Confidence speakers.

This cable along with Haromonic Tech Fantacy 10 power cords with the Jujitech ends and my 2 "High current PS audio Ultimate outlets for my front end componets have taken my system to a new musical level that using one brand of cable through as not.

I have used mega buck cables that did not give me the results that these cables have when used in tandom. So it it will take some work, you have to try diffrent cables in different areas and see which sound the best.

My biggest disapointment was the Transparent Ultra cables, they never can to life in my system, dull and lifeless,with to much heavy bass. Why I don't know.

Hope this helps.