lemon on on vandersteens

actually couple of questions:

1. is the veneer on the vandies considered unfinished? it's walnut and i got them about 3 years ago.

2. the manual says use pledge, which i know is waxy and stuff. so i though to use lemon oil (mom's and sister's suggestion). i can't help but touch the rag with the oil to the grill cloth. is that bad?

3. speakers are 3 years old like i mentioned, this is my 2nd time applying light l-oil then rubbing it a bit with dry cloth. because it's been 3 years and they've cycled through 4 dry winters now, i haven't screwed anything up by waiting have it? the veneer won't start expanding or contracting now will it?

big thanks!
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Like Elizabeth said, very few speakers would have a rubbed oil finish. Lacquer finishes are near ubiquitous on contemporary speakers. Assuming it is lacquered, you're wasting your time rubbing lemon oil on the finish. The oil makes it look pretty but it isn't penetrating the lacquer finish. You can't stop the surface of veneer from expanding and contracting in temperature changes. That is going to happen no matter what you do, simple physics. Some wood species are more prone to splitting with the passage of time than others. Nothing wrong with occasionally using wax on your speakers to make them shine, it won't hurt anything. The best way to preserve your speaker's finish is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Otherwise, chill out and enjoy them!
If they are finished wood, Scotts Liquid Gold is a good, easy to use product. Provides a nice shine with no residue.
ok. so they probably are lacquered then which makes sense and probably why the manual said pledge or similar et.al. so no need to try an "preserve" it since it's already taken care of. yep, no sunlight for me.

oiled rubbed finished speakers would be cool though! nah, not now at least ha!

No Pledge; leaves a residue that you can see from across the room.
I use Guardsman furniture polish on my Vandersteens. It's an oil based aerosol that wipes dry and works super on any finish I've tried. Beds Bath and Beyond has it in my neighborhood.

My Vandersteens are lacquered,,, all I do is vacuum them from time to time and they look great.
Just keep the cats from climbing them and you should be good:)