Legacy Focus SE ?????? Acoustic Zen Crescendo's

Has anybody heard both and if so briefly explain differences.
i had listened to both, TH AZ crescendos were the end of my search, after listened to many more expensives speakers for two years on the three state area, as you know no shortage of dealers in that region.
no intention to sell mine evn if i am overseas on a graduate program.
heaven, with a good tube amp, I am using Ayon triton.
closest to life music i ever been expose to.
my 2 cents
The Legacies seem to lack a little transparency pin point imaging but they do get big and dynamic. Are the AZ Crescendo's better in these areas?
Thanks Pat
Yes they are, the Crescendos are special speakers, they really impressed, I was looking for ayon gear and I end up selling my dalis 800 MKII and getting the AZ, no intention to sell them,
i did my home work big way.
The Legacy perform well with a good tube amp, and good source. They are very honest speakers, and if things upstream are not good, you will hear bottlenecks. Their bass, with the right amp, is stunning. Try with a Quicksilver Silver 88 or Pass Labs. Jallen