Legacy Focus 20 20 vs Soliloquy 6.5

Anyone have knowledge of how these two compare? Will be using with small (30 Watt) tube amp., medium size room, mid-low volume, jazz/classical.
I have the 6.5s. IMHO, a 30W tube amp will not have enough control over the woofers. They are fairly efficient, so volume won't be a problem, but I think they will sound too boomy with that amp. Before I bought my Rowland Model 10, which controls the 6.5s very well, I tried out a Cary V12 (50W) and it couldn't control the 6.5's woofers well enough for my taste. Also, the 6.5s need a fairly large room, I'd say at least 300 sq.ft., or the bass will overpower the room.
Hello, I also have the 6.5s. I am very happy with them. There is a review on the Soliloquy website that compares the 6.5 to the Lagacy Focus 20/20s. The reviewer liked the 6.5s better. The reviewer said that even though the Legacy have more drivers, the 6.5s sounded better top to bottom. There is also a review of the Legacy 20/20s in last months Stereophile. If you read between the lines, you can tell that they were not that impressed with the 20/20s. The sound measurements were not good. I use a solid state amp with them. Jim
I would suggest the Soliloquys as well. Stay away from the Legacys. Just not a big fan of the speaker line for obvious reasons...

I have gone 'nose-to-nose' the Legacy Focus vs. Dunlavy SC-5s and the Legacys were big-time loosers. Accross the board the Legacy products are just not ready for 'prime-time' ultra high-end.