Left, Right & center cable home theater Cables Q


I have some resonably good speaker cables for my home theater aqbout $7.00 a foot and I have all different lenght from my last house set up.

Should the Front, Right , Left and Center speaker cables be all the same lenght?

thank you
The left and right absolutely need to be the same length. If the center channel speaker is the exact same as your left and right speaker then it should be the same as well, if not, you can use a slightly different length.

I believe the amount of difference is more important, than merely indicating there is a diff.

Given you may have level adjustments for each ch unlike cable lengths shouldn't pose an issue... once the levels are properly set. BTW, as you have odd sized cables "Was there a need to change levels by much?"

ordinarily levels are going to be adjusted regardless the cable distances employed due to speaker char's & varied distances speakers are from the LP.

THE BIGGER DEAL IS GETTING RID OF VARIOUS SIZED CABLES... OR LOOKING FOR THEM IN THE FIRST PLACE. ESPECIALLY AT $7 ft. or higher... albeit money might not be an issue here, or it accounted for the varied lengths to begin with.

I'd not worry much over it with HT.
8 foot vs 10 foot should be virtually inaudible with the center vs R&L. Ask one of the physicists on here about the speed signals travel vs cable length...
Virtually inaudible? As long as the differences are less than a kilometer, there should be no audible difference in timing. Differences due to impedance may be more critical but they, too, are probable insignificant if the gauge is sufficient for power transfer.

In other words, differences between distances to any speakers in a domestic room are insignificant.