Leasing options for hi-end AV gears?

Any of you folks know of dealers/vendors that offer leasing options for hi-end gears, with down to earth terms/conditions.

There are leasing options available for automobiles, furnitures, lady hand bags, computers, (i believe cell phones), low end AV gears from same place that does furnitures (which I have done, when I relocated), golf clubs, even housing, etc.

I am not talking about 1 week or short term home demos(which are usually a week, give or take.)

I am talking about the length of a product cycle.

Thx in you advance.
Nopes, I don't knows of anys... But most of the retail shops will lease it to you for the retail price, since you'd want it for the length of a product cycle, which seems reasonable to me.
Some stores will offer buyback programs giving you complete credit towards the purchase of a new piece in the future. I think I saw this on soundbysinger.com
Leases are really financing arrangements, and audio dealers are not banks. You need a whole separate infrastructure to do leasing, and the high-end market isn't large enough to support that infrastructure. (Car companies do it because they really are banks--think GMAC.)

You can accomplish the same thing without a lease, however:
1) Take out a consumer loan for the cost of the gear (or use a line of credit or put it on a credit card or whatever).
2) Sell it when you're ready to move on.
It will work out to the same thing,
Might be worth looking into manufacturers with generous trade-up programs.
been there done that with the trade in trade up, but that required an large initial outlay of cash.....

doing financing arrangement with my credit card(s), but i dislike the hassle with having to sell them...when it comes time to unload

with the upgrade, that is fine/acceptable as long as you stay with the same manufacturer/vendor