Learning remote

Does anyone know of an inexpensive learning remote that accepts Rowland codes?
Logitech has one for $50.00-model #300 that is capable of learning most any codes. I just got the next model up #650 for $99.00 and it learned my Wyred 4 Sound integrated amp codes and works perfectly. While it did take me hours to customize it just the way I want, I am happy with the result. Both were in stock at Best Buy where I get all my high end gear. Except my Arcam, Wyred, Ushers, and JL Audio.
The idea of a learning remote is to learn the info from the factory remote.A learning remote should have reprogrammed
codes like a standard universal remote. There are no for sure
guarantees that it will store everything from the factory one,but they usually do a good job.They are convenient when the typical universals don't have pre-programmed codes stored in them.[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universal_remote#Upgradable_and_learning_remotes]
Sorry,It should have said pre-programmed,not reprogrammed.Typo.
Logitech claims to have code to program Jeff Rowland electronics but - after four hours of trying myself and working with Logitech support- was unable to program their remote to control my 25 year old Consummate pre amp, either through a USB connection to a PC or by teaching the Logitech remote from my Rowland remote.
You might be able to program Logitech remotes for later versions of JR pre electronics (with small remotes). 
....great support from Logitech