Laziness in a dark room & digital hi-fi

Hello everyone!

I am about to dip toes into proper audio. I am nowhere near what you guys are at, in fact not even on the same planet. To set things straight from the start, I don't have access to stores that let you demo stuff so I have to rely heavily on tips and recommendation by the good people here.

What do I ultimately wish to achieve? Play my FLAC collection residing on an external pocket USB drive in a two channel set up, control it from my bed with the lights off completely. A weird habit I picked up in my childhood.

I will complete the set up in steps starting with the Canton Vento 809DC (are they any good for Pink Floyd?)

Please help!

Should be fine, cant imagine really loud levels for what your doing but what do I know?
Get a nice DAC to pipe your fils through and your all set!
Hi Chadnliz,

Thanks for the reply. The Logitech Squeezebox Touch looks like a good controller if I pair it with a Benchmark DAC1 (the Bel Canto is... expensive!). Do you know of any other solution i.e. something that reads from a hard drive and feeds the DAC?

Thanks again!
Look into a Blacknote DSS 15 it will read FLAC off a hard drive and has a built in HQ DAC.
Hey Koestner,

That was a great tip! However the display was an issue. I think I am stuck with the Squeezebox Touch/Sonos + DAC solution :s

Thanks a lot though!