Laptop to record LP's?

I was about to make a tape of an LP for a friend when it occured to me that I might be able to use my laptop and burn a CD instead. In this instance, I'm not really concerned about it being of high audiophile quality. Has anyone done this that can give me an idea of how to go about it? I have a Modulus 3A preamp. The album by the way is Louis Armstrong's Stash Christmas album. It's a great album if anyone is looking for some good Christmas music to add to their collection. Thanks.
Use a high resolution sound card (externa). M-audio has them. ESI used to. Then burn witha high quality burner such as the Yamaha with 4x speed and nero (don't use a lower speed--oddly enough it produces more jitter).
laptop audio out (stereo miniplug) to L&R male RCA phono jacks into preamp tape monitor in. Preamp tape monitor out to male RCA phono jacks to stereo miniplug back into microphone in on laptop. Use program like CD Creator Soundstream (Spin Doctor function) that will convert analog to digital to write to CDRs. Better sound quality can be had with a USB external AD-DA converter. The plugs referred to above can be had at Radio Shack for $5-10 each. Record LPs or streaming audio from web radio stations.
Try AUDACITY program which can be downloaded from the Web free. I used desktop with a decent card and plugged turntable directly into the computer. Any phone pre-amp between turntable and computer would be a better solution but mine worked well after some experimentation. Good Luck!
I got very satisfactory results using IBM 570 laptop and Musicmatch SW. It's a pain if you want to separate tracks, but if you're satisfied with 1 LP side = 1 track, it's just like recording to tape, but better sound quality by far.
I had a fellow A'goner turn me on to this device. It my not be the highest quality but it works great. The program that splits the tracks is great with easy editing.
Please try this web site with expert info on the subject:
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Qpainter236, what are you referring to by "not the highest quality"? Are you talking about the quality of the hardware or the quality of the sound conversion?